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Hello, my name is . . .

Brittany Gerstenslager


Fitness Philosophy:  Everyone should have options for working out, and families should be able to live a healthy and fit life without sacrificing precious family time! Fitness can be so much more than fitness. It can also be a support group! Kids can benefit in so many ways from being included in your workouts!

Specialties:  Prenatal and Postnatal modifications and inclusion of the whole family into the workout. She also specializes in creating new class genres, combining class types to make new ways to workout, and creating class formats that get results from all body types!

Special Accomplishments:  Founding BrittFit Family Fitness in 2015 and watching it blossom in new ways every year, leading to many, many lasting friendships between clients!!

Certifications: Brittany is Group Exercise Certified through AFAA/NASM. She is a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor through AFAA. And she holds many specializations including training in Perinatal Fitness, Fitness for Two, and Baby and Me Fitness, among others. She is also certified in CPR/AED through the American Red Cross.


Education:  Kent State University - Kent, OH
• B.S. Ed - Advertising with minors in Marketing and Dance

--- Member of the Entrepreneurship Society

--- Began instructing fitness in 2002 at the Kent State Rec and Wellness Center


Experience: “The more I teach fitness, the more I learn! Experience is everything!”


Brittany began teaching fitness in 2006 and has created and taught several class types including: Core, HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Dance Fitness, Stroller Fitness, Treadmill classes, Cycling, Cardio, Weight Lifting, Barre, Ballet and many other forms of dance. She looks forward to offering new classes all the time!

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, cake decorating, cycling, running, training for fun fitness challenges...but who has time for hobbies?

Interests: Planning fun family activities and supplemental learning opportunities for my kiddos! Learning new ways to get fit or create healthy habits!

What do you love about BrittFit: I love the connections made between families and watching families grow in friendship to raise their kids together! My favorite part about teaching these classes is watching the littles imitate their adults!

What to expect from your instruction: Modifications for every skill and activity level and probably lots of 30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine quotes. (HA!)

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Brittany Bio
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