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Hello, my name is . . .

Jenn Mack


Fitness Philosophy:  I am enthusiastic and understanding that the body is different everyday. I will be there to motivate and support at the bottom of the valley and the top of the mountain. I want every workout to leave you feeling empowered, accomplished and hungry for more.

• Personal Trainer through NASM
• Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA


Experience: Fitness is a new career path for me!! I started my personal fitness journey almost 12 years ago and have transformed my own body on more than one occasion. I have been training clients for a year and teaching fitness classes for a few months now.

Hobbies: You can find me running around with my family, snowboarding, sewing and practicing yoga when I am not lifting weights or exercising!

Interests: Learning more about anything health and fitness related! I also enjoy sports - watching, playing, talking about them - especially baseball and snowsports.

What do you love about BrittFit: That it’s mom+kid friendly inclusive, safe space to work out and feel supported in. I am so glad I found the BrittFit community and family when I did. I was a mom who wanted to move my body - but wasn’t sure how to go about it with a baby and no childcare option. Almost 6 years later, my 4 & 6 year olds know, enjoy and ask about the BrittFit family regularly.

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