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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you find your answer here, but if not, please don't hesitate to CONTACT us!

Where do I take classes?
- Classes are completely virtual right now, but that doesn't mean you won't be connected with others in class! All classes are available either LIVE or On-Demand using Google Meet. Take class from the comfort of your home without having to pack up the family and leave the house! A link is provided to you upon registering and a separate link is provided to you to take class on replay. Take class when it occurs live or any time your schedule allows!


Do I have to take classes with my kids?

- No. Many do not. The benefit is that kids of all ages and partners are welcome to join you should you if decide to take class as a family all for the price of your admission. Class is extremely family friendly, and exercises are modified for those who do have infants, small children or who babywear during class to give you the best possible workout while you're in this stage of your life!


How many calories do you burn in each class?

- Each class is different. The CORE and Yoga classes burn between 100-200 calories. The 30-min cardio classes, the HIIT class and the BabyWear Barre class burns between 250-350 per class. And the SHOCK and TreadFIT classes burn between 350-450 per class. 

How old do my kids have to be to take class?
– Children can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 18 years old. A postnatal mother must have doctor's approval to begin physical activity. 

How soon can I take your class after having a baby?

– It's recommended you begin no sooner than 6 weeks postpartum. You must have a doctor's approval to resume or begin physical activity.

Are Dads allowed?
– Yes! This is a total family affair! The whole family can join under the same class pass. There is no additional family rate.

Are Grandparents allowed?
– Absolutely! I have several grandparents who regularly attend my classes and love them! Anyone outside of your immediate family must purchase their own pass. 

Can I take your classes while pregnant?
– Most of them! It is our goal to ensure that anyone who wants to start a family can maintain/start a healthy lifestyle no matter what their stage of life! If you are pregnant, you must have a doctor's approval to begin/continue physical activity, and you must obtain that at least twice during your pregnancy, or maybe more depending on how high-risk your pregnancy is. Please inform your instructor, and we'll make sure all exercises are appropriately modified for your needs.

Are you a franchise?
– Nope. There's only 1 BrittFit, LLC.

Do you really workout hard in these classes, or just play and have fun with your kid?

– Every class is meant to be a challenging workout for whomever takes it! Some classes are more challenging than others. Our classes allow parents to workout without having to make the arrangements for someone else to watch your children, which so often means your workout is sacrificed. BrittFit classes allow for a special bonding experience you won't find at any other typical gym or workout facility! When you allow your children to watch you making healthy choices and involve them in that, they learn from your workout and feel confident in their own workouts!

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