Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thanks for checking out my site! Hopefully you find your answer here, but if not, please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME!

What do I need to know before I visit the Wadsworth location?
–Please arrive 10 min. early and park and enter at the back entrance. If the weather is pleasant, we'll meet outside, and if not, we'll meet inside. Bring a water for yourself, and toys/teethers/books/snacks/drinks for your littles! You may also want/need a stroller, sunglasses, yoga mat, and/or blanket.

What do I need to know before I visit the Akron location?
–Please arrive 10 min. early. There is a big parking lot available for you to park in. We meet downstairs in the basement, but don't worry, there's an elevator! Bring a water for yourself, and toys/teethers/books/snacks/drinks for your littles! You may also want/need a stroller, yoga mat, and/or blanket. 

What do I need to know before I visit your classes at The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon?
–Please arrive 10 min. early. We meet in the meeting room upstairs. Bring a water for yourself, and toys/teethers/books/snacks/drinks for your littles! You may also want/need a yoga mat and/or blanket. Try your best to pack light!

What do I need to know before I visit your classes at Belden Village Mall in Canton?
–Please arrive 5-10 minutes early as the mall doors do not open before 8:50am. We meet right outside of Macy's in "Center Court" inside the mall. Bring a water for yourself, your stroller (any kind except an umbrella stroller) and toys/teethers/books/snacks/drinks for your littles making sure they don't easily fall out of your stroller! You may also want/need a yoga mat and/or blanket. Try your best to pack light because we must carry everything with us and can't leave anything unattended!

How do I pay for your classes?
–I accept 4 methods of payment: cash, check, charge or PayPal. Checks must be written out to BrittFit, LLC. If sending through PayPal, please send the total to my email: via the "Friends & Family" method. Click to learn more about my Class Rates.

How old do my kids have to be to take class?
–Children can be anywhere from 6 weeks (must have doctor's approval to begin physical activity) to 18 years old.


How soon can I take your class after having a baby?

–It's recommended you begin no sooner than 6 weeks postpartum. You must have a doctor's approval to resume or begin physical activity.

Are Dads allowed?
–Yes! This is a total family affair! I don't currently have a different price for 2 adults attending the same class, so you and your partner are counted as 1.

Are Grandparents allowed?
–Absolutely! I have several grandparents who regularly attend my classes and love them!

Can I take your classes while pregnant?
–Some. First, you must have a doctor's approval to begin/continue physical activity, and you must obtain that at least twice during your pregnancy, or maybe more depending on how high-risk your pregnancy is. The only class BrittFit offers that's not appropriate for an expectant mom is Core, Core, Core. To learn more about that and all the classes offered by BrittFit click here.

Can I take your classes if I’m not yet pregnant but trying?

Can I take your classes if I or one of my kids is sick?

–For the safety of others in class I ask that you do not attend class if you or a child who will be attending class with you has been running a fever 24 hours prior to class or has uncontrollable mucus. Thank you for understanding and helping keep our classes as family friendly as possible!

Can I take your classes without my kids every now and then?

–Yep! Some days there's someone else available to watch your kiddos and you still want to get a workout in! Please feel free to come solo!

What happens if my kid wants to nurse during class or needs a diaper change, snack, etc?
BrittFit classes strive to make life easier for families who want to get fit and healthy together. During class, you should feel comfortable to take care of the needs of your little one all while working out. I'll probably label you a SUPERMOM, but we all do it!

Is it ok to bring multiple kids to your classes?
–Yep! Total family affair. There is no extra charge for you to bring multiple children to class with you.

Do you have childwatch?
–No. The beauty of these classes is that we benefit from taking the class, but the kids benefit from seeing us choose fitness and a healthy lifestyle. BrittFit desires for kids to grow up thinking that family fitness is normal. And when the time comes for them to choose, hopefully they'll choose a fit and healthy lifestyle too.

What are the rules/guidelines for participating in your class?
– This is an anything goes class: nursing, feeding, pooping, changing, tantruming, you name it.
– It’s also an “everyone share” zone. If you bring toys, expect that other kiddos will be playing with them. If there’s something you don’t want other kids playing with, put it away for class. This is a safe environment where we’re teaching our kids to share and play nicely together.

– Be respectful of other families and their wishes and respectful of class.

What is your cancelation policy?

–Life is different with kids. You can't always do what you want to when you want to. I understand that. This is my cancelation policy: 

Registration for Drop-In must happen at at least 24 hours prior to each and every class you wish to drop-in for. You may choose to register to “Attend Weekly” in which case you would not need to register each time. Notice of your inability to attend class must always be provided by email, text or phone call at least 3 hours before class begins or you agree to forfeit one (1) class from your current or future BrittFit, LLC class pass.

What locations can I use your Groupon at?
–The Groupon can be used at the Wadsworth & Akron locations and online classes using the Periscope App only. Click here to learn more about how to use my Groupon.

How do I use my Groupon?
–The great thing about the Groupon is that it allows you to try different classes. Once it's used up, and you want to continue taking classes with me, you'll purchase passes for specific classes (Single, Double, Triple class or Unlimited). That doesn't mean that you have to use your Groupon on different classes. You can use it all on one! Just pull up your barcode at the start of class, and I'll scan you in. Then I track everything for you digitally, so you don't have to remember how many classes you have remaining. Didn't find your answer? Click here!

How often do your classes change?
Weekly BrittFit classes (that occur at the Akron, Wadsworth and Periscope App locations) change every 6 weeks. Specialty locations rotate through a full year and are offered various places at different times throughout the year. Full list of upcoming classes.

Do you create all your own classes?
–Yes! I create all the classes, exercise routines, and dance fitness routines we do in classes. They are not generated by any larger organization.

Are you a franchise?
–Nope. There's only 1 BrittFit, LLC.

Do you really workout hard in these classes, or just play and have fun with your kid?

–Every class is meant to be a challenging workout for whomever takes it! Some classes are more challenging than others. If you've taken one class and are looking for more or less of a challenge, feel free to reach out to me and I can help you get the best fit for what you're looking for. These classes are meant to allow parents to get workouts in without having to make the arrangements for someone else to watch your children, which so often means your workout is sacrificed. BrittFit classes allow for a special bonding experience you won't find at any other typical gym or workout facility!