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Family Fitness Classes

BabyWear Barre


The name is deceiving. This class is great for babies, but it's open to kids of all ages who want to join their adult in a workout! Soft music + gentle (but challenging!) ballet movements = a great bonding experience for you and your kiddo! Make no mistake, this class is a workout for the adult! Babies and toddlers being worn will enjoy the soothing motions and warmth from inside the carrier, similar to being in the womb. Class will focus on the proper ballet technique required to tone and lengthen all major muscle groups. No ballet experience or babywearing required. Moms (including expecting moms), dads, grandparents, caregivers and kids of all ages are welcome!

BabyWear Ballet
Cardio X Series
Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 6.15.03 AM.png
Cardio X Series


This exciting 6-part series class includes 6 30-minute powerhouse classes designed to focus on different major muscle groups each time! 
• Cardio Strength

• Cardio Buns

• Cardio Arms

• Cardio Thighs

• Cardio Core and 

• Cardio Chest/Back
Take a new one each week or try just one!

Core Core Core
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Core, Core, Core


This is my most popular class! Core Core Core lasts only 30 minutes, and you can take it in the comfort of your own home using the free live stream Periscope App! This mid-to-high intensity 30-min core strengthening class is aimed at targeting every part of your core, and it's especially helpful for toning weakened muscles from carrying a baby, but the whole family is welcomed to join! Class is not recommended for expectant woman. We'll work our way to a healthy and fit core!

Dance Cardio
Dance Cardio


This class is fun for the whole family: moms, dads, expecting women, grandparents, babywearing, toddlerwearing, and children of all ages! This workout doesn't feel like a workout at all because of how fun it is! We'll be learning some great dance fitness moves you can do with your kiddos to break a sweat and strengthen your muscles! No dance experience required! Bring a carrier if you'll be carrying your kiddo, but babywearing is not required.

Lengthen & Lean
Lengthen & Lean


We'll discover and use our breath to lengthen our muscles and realign our posture. This class incorporates yoga poses you can do with your toddler or child or beside/using your baby. Fun imagery is used to expand child's imagination while moving through the poses. Class includes a warm-up with breath, standing and sitting poses, final relaxation and is finished with a gentle massage session! Moms (including expecting mom), dads, grandparents and caregivers are all welcome as well as kids of all ages! 


This 30-minute class is a continuation of Core Core Core, the 12-week Periscope App class you can take from your home. But you are NOT required to take that in order to take this! 6 unique Core workouts are provided, 1 for each week. You'll be included in an online accountability group to help keep you motivated, encouraged and connect you with the others in class! We'll track progress, set goals and reach them!! You are permitted to take each class as many times as you want until class is completed all for the price of just 1 class each. 

Strength Training
Strength Training


We'll target all major muscle groups for a total body workout all while moving with our kids, occasionally using them as the resistance! Kiddos are none the wiser. They'll be entertained while you feel the burn! Class includes a gentle warm-up, cardio & strength training circuit and cool down. Modifications are available for every exercise to lower and increase intensity. All exercises are safe for infants and toddlers, and older children can workout alongside you! This class is perfect for moms (even expectant moms), dads, grandparents and caregivers. 

Strengthen & Lengthen
Strengthen & Lengthen


This class is the perfect "mocktail" of exercises to tone and lengthen! Class includes a warm-up, 20min strength training circuit, 20min lengthening yoga class finishing with final relaxation. During some exercises babies/toddlers can be used as resistance which increases the difficulty for the adult taking class. Older children can do all the exercises safely next to their adult! Modifications are available for all exercises so you can find your ideal challenge! Class is appropriate for expecting moms, moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and kids of all ages! 


Stroller Cardio
Stroller Cardio


In this class, you stroll your baby, toddler or child while performing strength training and cardio exercises in circuit and interval fashion to give you a total body workout. Toddlers and older love to imitate their adult and do the exercises with us! No one gets bored of the stroller in this fast-paced, entertaining class! Moms (including expecting moms), dads, grandparents and caregivers are all welcome as well as kids of all ages! No umbrella strollers permitted, but any other kind will do!

Stroller Dance Cardio
Stroller DANCE Cardio


This class is the FIRST of its kind!! It gives us the FUN of learning short dance fitness combinations and the challenge of pushing our strolling kiddos! Appropriate for expectant moms, moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, babywearing, toddlerwearing and children of all ages! No dance experience necessary! No umbrella strollers permitted, but any other kind will do!

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If there's a class you'd like to see me offer, but it's not currently on my schedule, please drop me a line

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